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Why are brand guidelines so important? – Consistency, that is why…

Brand guidelines

You know you have to be consistent with your style of messaging and your social media, it’s the same with your brand. It’s easy to spot those companies who are not consistent with their brand, their colours vary depending on what media they use, parts or all of their logo is pixelated, positioning is random, fonts and sizes and backgrounds vary. 

It is a shame, but these brands stand out, for all the wrong reasons….. it says that if you can’t be consistent with your image then can you be trusted with my business? For all these reasons, your brand might be losing you sales without you even realising it. 

Tone of voice is important also, you will want consistent tonality and personality from your team. 

A good brand will be cohesive across all deliverables such as email signatures, websites, social media headers, advertising, presentations, printed and digital stationery, word docs, brochures, business cards, exhibition graphics, workwear and signage. 

At Reynolds we re-branded earlier this year and then created our own brand guideline pack, giving clear instructions for both internal and external use of our brand, this covers: 

  • Our logo styles 
  • Logo positioning with portrait and landscape uses 
  • Logo backgrounds and when to reverse out the colours 
  • Logo sizes and using the ‘x’ dimension for consistent exclusion zones 
  • Logo colours specified in CMYK, RGB, Pantone and Hex colour codes ● Primary and secondary font families 

For us this document is just a starter, we will add extra pages as we progress but already we are referring to it on a regular basis and making sure that not just us but anyone who is providing goods and services to us are using it too. 

You can check out our brand guidelines here if you think they may help you. 

Our guidelines stand at 11 pages at the moment, very different to the 200 page brand guideline packs we once printed for Rolls Royce and Bentley Cars!