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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your clients how much you love them.

Here are 10 great ideas where you can share the love……

Printed Valentine’s Day Business Cards

Run a fun campaign, personalising each card with your client’s details with a message of appreciation. More so now than ever, it is important to let our clients know that we love them.

Chocolate campaign

Buy branded or unbranded chocolates and send them with a personalised card. We can order, mail merge, print, fulfil, distribute and show proof of delivery for you.

Personalised printed card with mug and chocolates

What could be nicer than a branded mug of your own and a small chocolate gift for your clients. Your mug will be a timely reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Flowers and a personalised card

You can’t go wrong by sending flowers, chocolates and a personalised card.

Love themed poll

Run a poll on what your customers would love to receive this Valentine’s Day and give the results back in an e-shot and prize for best entry.


Donate a sum of money to a local charity and ask your customers to recommend a charity of their choice. List the charities and the winner and share a photo handing over the cheque.


Clients will be impressed by the lengths you go to create special packaging just for them. The memory of the personalised packaging will remain longer than the taste of the chocolate ☺

Valentine’s Day lollies


Love hearts

Our company can create you a branded container to send out these awesome sweets. It was one of our most successful campaigns ever…

If you love your clients and would like to knock around creative Valentine’s Day campaigns, please give us a ring. If nothing else we can have fun coming up with ideas together…