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Proofing is the part of the print process where you get to check what we are about to print. It is the final time you have any involvement with the print files before you hand over to us and is one of the most important parts of the print buying journey.

If we are creating your artwork from scratch or amending your existing files, then you will experience a number of proofs along the way. If you are supplying your own artwork to us from your own graphic designer, then we proof your file once we have preflighted it.

Preflighting is the art of checking fonts, image quality, resolutions and file types, colours, traps and bleeds. Around 80% of all jobs need adjusting at this stage to get optimum results on the press. It is a black art of which Reynolds Press is probably one of the best preflighters in the country.

Our clients feel so much more secure when we pick something up and we let them know. This is a key building block of our relationships and demonstrates our supporting values. 

The majority of online printers don’t even offer a proof, they print your job regardless, so, if the job is wrong, it is your fault…..

If you want peace of mind, Reynolds Press will give you print perfection. We have a 100% satisfaction record of preflighting your files for print.