Office graphics that instill company values, inspire teams & encourage return from remote working


It all starts with culture

LRQA, recently purchased by Goldman Sachs, has accelerated their growth with a fresh new brand, vision and set of values.

Bringing the new vision to life in the workplace is critical to the success of the business.

Working with the marketing team, we interpreted the new corporate values and brought these to life around the head office and satellite buildings, meeting rooms and communal spaces.

After surveying and photographing all areas of the building we imposed designs for the signage onto these images to give the client an accurate, 'to-scale' representation of the final outcome, in order to gain feedback and approval.

Our experience of working with vinyl, metal, acrylic, polyester and LED lighting materials allowed us to get just the right visual effect on all surfaces. We installed the graphics at times to suit the client so as not to disrupt the team.

The new graphics make a huge difference to the feel of the workspace and from a team perspective, there is an understanding, belonging and cohesion that was not there before.

"We found Reynolds to be exceptionally agile and creative in supporting our office needs. Colleagues felt their workspace was something to be proud of and reminded them how invaluable it is being back in the office and spending time together as a team."

Fiona Dargie