The most successful mailing campaigns are the most thoughtful.


Cup Of Coffee

An international client needed to have meaningful conversations with high level brand managers to grow their UK business and was finding it difficult to reach out and meet these people.

We all like to do business over a cup of coffee and the client’s creative agency devised a campaign around a high-quality china coffee cup and saucer set (in the client’s brand colours) together with a specific brand of roasted coffee beans.

We were able to personalise the boxes by over-labelling and adding branded tissue paper to set the tone of the level of expectation which was clearly picked up and reciprocated by the target audience.

However a project like this is not just about the cup of coffee, it involved creating bespoke packaging for it to arrive in pristine condition and on a specific time and day, how the ‘reveal’ would work and all the logistics and reporting that accompany it on behalf of the sales team who immediately followed up the mailing.

Starting off with a small pilot scheme, this soon escalated to a greater number of mailings due to the large take up of meetings and conversions!