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Business Card

Perhaps one of the most enduring pieces of print that is still as popular today than ever before. 

In this digital age a lot of print has moved on from transactional (invoices) and publicity (brochures) to experiential engagement material ie exhibitions, graphics, signage, packaging or anything where people meet other people to network or trade. 

Business cards seem to be one thing where people still want quality – cheap printed business cards look…. cheap! It is usual for us to quote many variations of business cards but very rarely are the least expensive options actually ordered. 

What makes a business card feel ‘quality’? Thickness of card is the initial indicator of quality, where once 300g was the norm, now 400g and above can be produced at very reasonable prices. 

If you like thick business cards then you will like duplexing which is the process of gluing 2 pieces of paper together so 700g business card are more frequently seen these days. 

We once triplexed ours with a middle sheet of purple card and they looked awesome!

Laminating was once a favoured finish to business cards but is dropping in popularity. Laminating had to be applied to both sides of the card otherwise the cards would bend with differences in air moisture content. 

Laminating is a great carrier for spot UV varnishing which was the rage for the past few years

Current popular demand is for uncoated papers to be used, often papers with a textured surface that have a natural tactile feel. These can be much harder to print on using digital print engines but we know which engines print best on which materials so you will always get best quality.

Embossing is a long time favourite, not cheap but perfect for the ‘less is more’ look. This style is a favourite for timeless brands for a unique look.

Laser die cutting is our current favourite, we used this process on our current duplexed business cards to let the paper do the talking. It has a simplicity about it and is very tactile and highly memorable.