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10 Top Tips for great mailing results

We have a European-wide client who provides a specialist service to help people who have suffered due to miss-selling.

By understanding their clients and investing in their service, staff and processes we help them achieve incredible 5-10% conversion rates on their mailing campaigns!

This is in contrast to digital campaigns where conversion rates tend to be a lot lower.

Reynolds 10 Top Tips:

  1. Your mailing data has to be top quality, low or poor quality data is a waste of money to buy and also in postage costs.
  2. Understand your clients and what ‘call to actions’ they prefer. If, like our client, the majority of respondents prefer to telephone in, then you need to be ready for that. If they prefer to email, set up response mechanisms and the same too for online forms.
  3. Design your mailings to work within the most economical Royal Mail discount schemes. Thousands of pounds can be saved working with our knowledgeable print and mailing team who can help advise you to get the best savings.
  4. Send a test mailing to yourself first to check how it looks in your letterbox.
  5. Build your 7 touch points around your mailing and website. A lot of ‘know, like and trust’ can come across in a well-designed mailing piece and complimentary website.
  6. Testimonials are crucial to the trust element; our client has 91 of them on their website!
  7. Explain your offering very clearly, you are paying for a minimum of 100g of Royal Mail postage, you might as well use all of it, adding a letter and forms to your brochure makes it all the more engaging.
  8. Be there for when the client wants to contact you and respond timely and professionally.
  9. Measure your response rates.
  10. Register with the ICO and comply with GDPR regulations, there is so much you can do within the regulations that people are not aware of.

Mailings are very powerful, especially so in this digital world where being heard above the noise is so important.

Let our business help you achieve incredible conversion rates.